A complete service of dismounting, storing and remounting yacht hardware

Technocraft Yacht Hardware Solutions offer a complete service to ensure the safe removal, reconditioning and storage of all a superyacht’s deck and general hardware during a refit.

Technocraft’s workforce of experienced ship’s carpenters and craftspeople are deployed to meticulously undertake the task whilst remaining within the project’s time parameters. The Hardware division plays a vital role in the preparation and completion of a refinishing job.

Like the other half of Technocraft, the Hardware Division is always pioneering: there wasn’t a suitable IT inventory software for tracking yacht hardware, so we created our own. We use it to systematically record and track every piece that is removed. For the hardware remount we wanted to have a perfect finish but there wasn’t a white UV resistant Sikaflex putty on the market, so we asked for one, and now it is used as standard internationally. When we discover a way to improve our working methods, we address it and incorporate it to improve our practices.

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Why Use Technocraft?

  • Experienced and professional team of qualified tradesmen handle all of the hardware throughout the process
  • Offsite and secure purpose-built storage facilities
  • Capacity and ability to respond worldwide and in coordination with Technocraft Yacht Containment Systems, and the whole of the GYG team
  • Responsive and adaptable working practices allowing for rapid project completions

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