Technocraft has quite literally written the book on marine scaffolding

Technocraft grew out of the need to find a solution to a common problem that the superyacht industry faced: how to get a perfect paint finish in less than ideal circumstances.

Prior to the mid-nineties yachts were routinely painted by workers sat in bosun’s chairs, or from floating pontoons. These working conditions often meant an inconsistent finish, delays due to weather conditions, environmental pollution, complaints about overspray from port authorities, and a lot of wasted time, effort, and paint!

Seeing an opportunity to change the status quo Mark Conyers of Rolling Stock asked his good friend Peter Martin, an experienced construction company boss from the UK, to join him in Mallorca. Peter, whose expertise lay in designing scaffolding systems, moved to the island in 1997. Under the original business name of “Andamios” the pair began to shake up the superyacht industry with their innovative yet practical ideas. Very soon the new yacht coverings were enabling yacht painters to present a vastly improved result in much less time and with considerably less complaints from the neighbours.

A new chapter began when superyachts started to grow in length leaving the shipyards with a capacity problem: even if they had been able to lift the new mega yachts out of the water, they were too large for the available dry space. This fresh issue led to Technocraft applying its engineering skills to the design and introduction of a cantilever system using revolutionary materials without the reliance on unstable floating pontoons. The new design of steady, spacious structures cocooned the large yachts perfectly in the water and allowed for them to be painted without the need to be hauled out.

Not yet satisfied with their systems, founders Peter and Mark then turned their attention to climate control within the scaffolding tents and developed filtration and extraction methods in collaboration with Air Clean. Again, Technocraft were the pioneers, using purpose-built extractors with multiple-stage filters to eliminate the release of overspray ensuring that the negative impact on the environment was minimal. All contaminants could then be disposed of with respect to ISO 14001.

Technocraft has quite literally written the book on marine scaffolding, breaking the mould and pushing for excellence and innovation and every step. As mega yachts evolve so the creative and engineering challenges continue for these global pioneers.